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Residential Window Tint Options for Rochester NY Homeowners



There’s no shortage of reasons to consider having your home’s windows tinted, including the need for increased privacy, glare and sun protection, enhanced security and many others.  And though similar to the tint services found in so many vehicles, residential tint projects are a bit more complex and should always be performed by a skilled professional who knows how to ensure a flawless application.  At The Tint Shop in Rochester we bring decades of experience to each home we service, using only the most durable, reliable materials and a process that we’ve honed over many years. 

Residential Window Tint Options

Regardless of your home’s size or design style, working with a proven expert is the best way to ensure that your application performs as it should, lasts many years, and looks amazing.  Here are a handful of reasons why so many other WNY homeowners continue to trust in The Tint Shop’s expertise and professionalism.

  • Our team is vastly experienced in all aspects of residential window tint services
  • We offer a wide range of application styles, tint shades, custom designs and more
  • Choose from residential privacy window tint, security tint, and sun/UV control 
  • Our team is uniquely skilled when it comes to custom and decorative window tint
  • We offer free estimates backed in writing and guaranteed on-time completion
  • Residential tint can help increase your home’s beauty, safety and curb appeal

To get started on a free estimate or learn more about our full offering of residential window tinting in Rochester and the greater WNY area, get in touch with The Tint Shop today and we’ll be delighted to help.  We can be reached by phone anytime during regular office hours at 585-232-8468 or via email by writing to us through our website’s secure contact page.