Rochester NY Automotive 3M Paint Protection

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If you’re planning on keeping your car for the long haul, it goes without saying that protecting its exterior paint ranks high on your list of concerns.  For those seeking a bit more than traditional clear coat coverings can offer, having paint protection film installed is an outstanding way to add an even greater level of protection between your vehicle and the elements.  Here at The Tint Shop, we’re an authorized 3M™ paint protection shop who takes great pride in the quality and integrity of every project we take on.

NY Automotive 3M Paint Protection
NY Automotive 3M Paint Protection
Automotive 3M Paint Protection | The tint shop | 3M Paint Protection Experts in Rochester NY

Here are just a few of the benefits of protecting your vehicle with 3M protective paint film, and why we’re the best place to have it installed properly and affordably.

  • Goes on clear and flush, to protect your vehicle from weather, debris and more
  • Shown to offer greater exterior protection than clear coat alone
  • The Tint Shop specializes in 3M paint protection services for all vehicle types   
  • Choose form a variety of options and finishes for the perfect level of protection
  • Ideal for classics and older cars, as well as those who show their vehicles

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Authorized 3M Paint Protection Experts in Rochester NY

If you’ve been considering new ways to protect your vehicle’s exterior paint, do what so many others in the area have done and call the specialist at The Tint Shop in Rochester.  We’ve been honing our process for years and use only the very best 3M materials to ensure the best possible application. Paint protection films can be installed quickly and affordably, and we do a thorough quality assurance inspection to ensure that not one aspect has been overlooked.  

It’s an easy way to get more peace of mind on the road, and can help ensure strong resale value should you decide to sell. Call The Tint Shop today at 585-232-8468 for more information on our 3M auto paint protection services, or get started today by scheduling an appointment.