Rochester NY Commercial Privacy Tint

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Regardless of whether you’re a small, independent office or a large corporation, enjoying the freedom of privacy as you work is something many professionals consider to be of the highest importance.  One of the misconceptions about privacy window film is that you won’t be able to see what’s going on around you. Today’s innovations, however, have made it possible to enjoy a pristine view to the world around you, while discourage prying eyes and preventing others from observing your day to day work activities.

Rochester NY Commercial Privacy Tint installation | The tint shop

The Tint Shop is one of the leading installers of commercial privacy window films, bringing two decades of unsurpassed expertise, efficiency and professionalism to every client we serve.

  • Choose from a full spectrum of shades, opacities and special reflective features
  • Ideal for companies dealing in sensitive information, patents and copywrites
  • The Tint Shop installs privacy tint on businesses of all sizes and industries
  • Specializing in superior-quality 3M® privacy tint products and applications
  • Can also help enhance security while reducing glare and lowering utility costs

Commercial Privacy Window Tinting in Rochester

Whether you’re looking to promote a more confident workspace for your staff, or need to take the highest levels of precaution to protect your intellectual property, The Tint Shop is a name you can trust for the expert installation of commercial window tint and privacy film.  Our installers are extensively trained on the most reliable and efficient practices, and we’re proud to offer rates that are among the most competitive anywhere in the greater Rochester region.

If you’re among so many businesses concerned with the privacy of their staff, management and guests, reach out to The Tint Shop for complete information on our commercial window tint services.  We can be reached through our contact page or by calling 585-232-8468.