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Training Classes

We provide certification for:

Window Tint Training

Paint Protection Training

Vinyl Graphic and Wrap Training

These classes are designed for the company that cannot afford to stop business and train the new employee on the job. As you may already know this is where costly mistakes are made and customers can be lost. Send your new employee to us and feel confident that your installs will come out with perfection.

  1. Window Tinting – This three-day class will allow you to Hand cut patterns, Tint Side Windows, and Shrink Rear Windows at an expert level.
  2. Paint Protection – Our excellent techniques will show you how to apply paint protection in such a way that the hassles are removed and product waste is a thing of the past.
  3. Vinyl Graphics – The growing industry of mobile advertising is now a near full proof business for the designer that loves it. We will show you how to design using simple software, install digital and single-color graphics in a 3-day course.
  4. Combo Package – This is for the individual looking to open his/her own film application company and wants to gain experience for all forms of film application. Jam packed into a one-week course you can be on your way to a new trade that will produce amazing income for years to come.

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