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Whether you’re most concerned with ensuring the security and privacy of your family and loved ones, glare reduction, or simply looking to give your home a distinct appearance, residential window tint continues to be a popular and affordable option.  Learn more about the various residential window film services we offer here at The Tint Shop.

Sun Control Tints installation | The tint shop | residential tinting services in Rochester

Sun Control Tints

Sun control tint is an excellent way to cut down on glare and improve energy efficiency, while making your home more comfortable year round.

decorative window films installation | The tint shop | Residential tint services

Decorative Films

Having decorative window films installed can instantly distinguish your home from others on the block and offers additional benefits, learn more…

Secure residential window tints and films | The tint shop

Safety and Security

The Tint Shop in Rochester offers a wide range of residential window tints and films designed exclusively to increase home security and safety

window privacy tint installation | The tint shop | residential tinting services

Privacy Tint

Concerned with your family’s privacy? As many homeowners have learned, window privacy tint deters prying eyes while giving you a clear view outside

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If you’re interested in learning more about the cost, process and benefits of having your home’s windows professionally tinted, call the experts at The Tint Shop in Rochester NY.  We’ll answer all of your questions and go over options that best meet your budget and concerns.

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