Rochester NY Commercial Security Window Tint

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The number of businesses that are broken into, damaged and vandalized each year is alarming, and as a result, many proactive companies are taking innovative new measures to ensure the highest levels of safety and protection. One of the most popular and effective is security window film.  It provides an extra layer of reinforcement that deters intruders, while making windows more difficult to break, enhancing privacy and minimizing the potential for flying glass in the event of a broken window.

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The Tint Shop has been installing commercial window security film for 20 years in Rochester, and we’re proud to offer service that’s reliable, energy-efficient and affordable.

  • Superior service and competitive rates on safety and security window films
  • We’re an authorized 3M™ installer specializing in window protection
  • A proven way to deter would-be criminals, vandals and prying eyes
  • Can significantly reduce the potential for injury and cleanup time
  • Adds an extra layer of privacy without restricting your view to the outside world
  • All commercial window films installed by amply experienced technicians

Security & Safety Residential Tinting in Rochester

If you’re like many business owners who are increasingly concerned about the safety and security of your employees, we encourage you to learn more about the many benefits of having security window tint professionally installed.  The Tint Shop has been helping businesses in the Rochester area for the past 20 years, and remains a trusted name when it comes to commercial tinting and other window protection services.
For more detailed information on the vast benefits of safeguarding your company’s windows, get in touch today by calling The Tint Shop in Rochester at 585-232-8468.