Rochester NY Residential Security Window Film

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Most people don’t associate residential window film with home security, but you would be amazed at how far the science behind them has advanced.  Today, window film serves a wide range of purposes ranging from sun control to decorative enhancement, though many choose security film as a way to deter intruders and minimize the potential for flying glass.  Security window films reinforce the windows, making them harder to break and difficult to see through from the outside. This is a huge perk, considering that many criminals rely on a clear view when casing out prospective victims.

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Here at The Tint Shop, we’re proud to offer some of the most reliable and durably manufactured window security film from trusted names like 3M™, professionally installed by skilled experts for your added peace of mind.

  • Window security film makes regular windows more difficult to break
  • Reduces the risk of flying glass and damage to interior belongings
  • Tinted security window film can deter criminals looking from looking inside
  • Adds value to homes by protecting windows from the natural elements
  • The Tint Shop utilizes superior grade materials and precise install techniques
  • Specializing in 3M® Impact Protection & Scotchshield® Safety & Security Film

Expert Home Safety & Security Tint Services in Rochester

When it comes to the safety and security of your family and guests, no measure of protection is too much in this day and age.  Give your home’s windows an added level of protection by having security film professionally installed by The Tint Shop in Rochester NY.  We offer a generous selection of options ranging from affordable to exceptional, and all films are installed by highly skilled technicians with ample training and residential experience.
To learn more about how window security and safety films can increase your sense of comfort and protection, call The Tint Shop today at 585-232-8468 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.  You can also write to us through our contact page.