Crimes involving vehicles are unfortunately common, with many criminals purposefully targeting those that appear to be insufficiently secured. Window tint can play a huge role in preventing such incidents, as we explain below:


While it is always advisable to remove valuables from your vehicle before exiting or at least move these items to your trunk, it can be easy to neglect this rule when you’re in a hurry. Even items you think hold little value could look appealing to potential thieves. Tinted windows minimize the risk by making it more difficult for suspicious individuals to spot items they might consider stealing. Most will not take the risk of breaking in if they suspect that they’ll ultimately come up short.

Unauthorized Operation

Some thieves primarily hope to access items stored within vehicles. Others, however, are mostly intent on stealing the vehicles themselves. Thankfully, today’s cars tend to come equipped with multiple features designed to minimize the potential for unauthorized operation. Immobilizer systems embed chips within keys to ensure that only the proper driver is able to operate the vehicle. Would-be thieves may not be aware of the presence of such systems, but they may assume based on tinted windows that other security features are also in place.

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