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Remote Car Starter Installation Near Me: Our Top 5 Tips

For people living in cold areas like Rochester, NY, installing a remote car starter is a necessity that many have embraced over time. Imagine the comfort and convenience of starting your car from your home or office and allowing it to warm before you start your journey.

Initially, no one would consider the idea of installing a remote car starter over safety concerns. As time went by, and with the introduction of an engine kill switch, people started viewing remote car starters as an extra layer of protection.

Consequently, more automakers started to fit dealer-installed remote car starter systems in the mid-2000s. Later, even car owners who had bought vehicles before 2005 started installing aftermarket remote car systems to enjoy their benefits.

Today, everyone wants to join the bandwagon and enjoy the luxury of starting their car from their office or home and getting into a warm car. If you want to enjoy the comfort and convenience of a remote car starter and you’re wondering where to get a remote car starter installation near me then we’ve discussed the top 5 tips for remote car starter installation.

Remote Start

How Do Remote Starters Work?

Remote engine starters work by using either radio frequencies or cellular data to communicate a command from your remote transmitter to your control module. The control module is the keyless entry system that’s fitted into your car.

A professional remote starter installer will hardwire the control module into your car’s electrical system, giving it the ability to override your car’s anti-theft system. The purpose of this is to bypass the need for an ignition key so you won’t have to manually insert a chipped key to start your vehicle.

In short, the remote engine starter mimics the work of an ignition key only difference you can do this from afar.

Pro tip: You can remotely start your car using a 2-way LCD remote. The remote has a timer function that allows you to start your engine at a pre-determined time or intervals of 1.5, 3, and 24 hours. 

Types of Remote Starters

Remote car starters come in different formats. It’s up to you to decide the most convenient type of remote starter for your vehicle based on its functionality and your budget. The different types of remote car starters are highlighted below.

One-Way Remote Starter

One-way remote starters are pretty much straightforward and a cost-effective option for car owners. You simply press a button on your remote starter and the keyless entry system of your vehicle receives it to perform the desired function.
The downside of this type of remote starter is that it doesn’t relay back information that your desired function is happening as you’ve instructed. As such, you must have a visual confirmation that the signal has been received successfully and the keyless entry system is working on it.

Two-Way Remote Starter

The two-way remote starter allows you to communicate to your keyless entry system and relays confirmation that your desired command is underway. This eliminates the need for visual confirmation of whether your car is up and running as you’d like.

Once you start on a two-way remote starter, you can track the status of your car via its LED light or LCD screen display.

Smartphone Remote Starter

Smartphone remote car starting is the ultimate two-way communication system between you and your car’s keyless entry system. Unlike the other types of remote starters which communicate via radio frequencies, smartphone remote starters use cellular data to relay information.

As long as your remote and car have data coverage, you can warm up your car from anywhere, which is particularly important for residents of Rochester, NY where the weather is cold. This type of remote car starter also displays the status of your car on an LCD screen.

Car Alarm

What to Consider When Purchasing a Remote Starter?

You should be informed of the capabilities of your intended remote engine starter before buying one. Some things you should consider when purchasing a remote starter include:

  • Start Range- Igniting your engine remotely depends on your remote starter range and the surrounding environment. A good-quality aftermarket engine starter can have a range of 1,000 feet, while FM-frequency ones take it a notch higher to 2,500 feet or more. Cell-based smartphone remotes have unlimited range, as long as there’s data coverage and a signal. You should note that buildings, trees, and busy streets may affect your remote starter range.
  • The Number of Key Fobs- A car driven by multiple drivers might need an extra set of key fobs. Always go for an aftermarket remote starter that can be expanded and added to your system, if this is the case.
  • Ease of Installation- As much as you might be a DIY fan and some systems are designed like plug and play, you should consider hiring a professional car remote installer to do the job for you. That’s because vehicles with an immobilizer or chipped key can become complex to hardwire the system.
  • Compatibility- Car troubles caused by mismatched parts or underperformed work can be quite annoying. So, conduct thorough research on what you might need to avoid compatibility issues, especially for manual transmission vehicles.
  • Your objectives- The reason why you need a remote car starter system will determine the type of system that’ll work best for you. While basic remote car starters are enough for starting your car, complex functions like opening your trunk or switching your heated seats on will require advanced remote starters.

Benefits of a Remote Starter

Besides starting your car from afar, a remote car starter has many other benefits. Some of these include:

  • Opening or unlocking doors and car trunk
  • Locating your car in a busy parking lot by activating the emergency call
  • Remote starters with engine RPM sensing protect your engine from damage by confirming that the engine is already running instead of turning it on twice.
  • Some remote starters double up as security systems. They do this using the shock and proximity sensors or acting as an engine kill switch, thus preventing cases of car theft.
  • By starting your car beforehand, you create a warm environment to drive in for you, your kids, and your pets. This is especially important in cold areas like Rochester, NY.
  • They can easily defrost your windows, making them easy to clean during winter.
Remote Start

Top 5 Tips for Remote Car Starter Installation

Installing a remote car starter can provide comfort, convenience, and even security for your car. However, selecting and setting up the ideal remote car starter demands careful consideration. Here are the top 5 tips to help you make sure the installation procedure goes smoothly:

1. Make Sure You Get All the Features You Want

Finding the features that fit your needs and lifestyle is the first step in selecting a remote car starter. Do you desire a security system, keyless entry, or perhaps trunk release?

Modern remote starters frequently have a wide range of functions, such as temperature sensors, GPS tracking, and smartphone connectivity. To help you decide your ideal starter, establish a list of your priorities. Knowing what you need helps you invest in a system that improves your driving experience.

2. Buy A High-Quality Remote Starter

Quality is everything when it comes to remote car starters. You don’t want a remote car starter that will keep on failing from time to time. Choose a renowned and reputable brand, even if it has a high initial cost because you’ll eventually save a lot of money on repairs.

High-quality remote starters also offer powerful performance and cutting-edge security features that can protect your car from theft. What’s more buying quality starters from reputable brands will offer long-term benefits in the form of durability and effectiveness.

To find a trustworthy product, compare several manufacturers, check user reviews, and ask for advice from automotive professionals.

3. Get A Remote Start with Enough Range

The maximum distance from which you can start or stop your car using your remote car starter counts a lot. When deciding on the right range, take your daily routine and parking habits into consideration.

A remote car starter with a greater range is necessary if you live in a densely populated region or have a huge parking lot where you need to find where your car is parked. Similarly, a long-range car starter will come in handy in cold areas of Rochester, NY, as you can warm your from your home before going out.

4. Have Your Remote Start Professionally Installed

The installation procedure is one of the most important components of installing a remote car starter. While it may be tempting to choose a DIY technique to save money, professional installation is strongly advised.

Certified specialists will ensure the remote starter is smoothly integrated into your car’s electrical system. This guarantees top performance and averts potential problems that can result from poor installation. Additionally, expert installation comes with a guarantee, giving you more assurance of quality work.

5. Don't Buy a Remote Start Online or in a Store and Have Someone Else Install It

Resist the urge to buy a remote car starter from a store or online and get installed elsewhere. The rule of thumb is to have your remote starter installed at the same place you bought it. Most quality shops may not install a remote car starter brought from outside, which may leave you with third-tier shops as your only alternative installer.

Remote car starters are complex machines that require accuracy and knowledge to install and should only be installed by experts. These starters also come with a warranty when you purchase the system, but it is only good if it is installed by trained professionals. By having the system professionally fitted, you not only safeguard your investment but also guarantee the dependability and safety of your car.

Conclusion - Remote Car Starter Installation Near Me

A remote car starter can greatly improve your driving experience by bringing comfort and convenience, especially in the cold weather of Rochester, NY.

You can get the most out of a remote car starter technology by choosing a high-quality system with the proper features, making sure the range is long enough, and opting for professional installation.

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